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Build a Giant Dinosaur

I have given my sister a T-Rex for the past five years for the holidays. It started with a T-Rex Halloween inflatable, then a holiday-themed T-Rex inflatable, the following year a T-Rex ornament, and last year one of our T-Rex wooden stencils. This year, I was looking for something unique and found “Build a Giant Dinosaur” by Clockwork Solider from the United Kingdom. When I first saw this, I thought my sister would love this, and when I saw all the amazing products Clockwork Soldier created, I had to add it to our inventory to share these great finds!

The “Build a Giant Dinosaur” or Tyrannosaurus Rex comes in a 14”x10” box with 33 card pieces and one instruction and activities sheet. Made from FSC-certified recycled greyboard, it is plastic free, and no glue or scissors are required to build the giant dinosaur. The finished product measures 28” wide x 13.75” tall and 6” deep. The activity sheet provides a detailed diagram of the dinosaur with the terminology of the bones.

What makes this build kit so much fun?

Once you build the dinosaur, the fun continues as the dinosaur is double-sided and can be rebuilt inside out to reveal the dinosaur’s inner skeleton and bone structure. Use the activity sheet to learn the names of the bones, and when you are done with it, take it apart and store it in the box. This build kit is a great addition to any playroom, classroom, or office!

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