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Why eeBoo

eeBoo promotes literacy, attentiveness, and empathy while encouraging cooperation, communication, and good citizenship. They honor diversity and teach respect for other cultures. Above all, eeBoo believes that children deserve constructive and engaging alternatives to time spent in front of a screen—activities that get them down on the floor to play, providing wholesome pastimes that can bring together generations around these shared values.

eeBoo partners with educators, parents, psychologists, writers, and artists who share their vision to develop a curriculum for their products. While eeBoo has earned a reputation for the highest quality printing and manufacturing, they also believe they are responsible for designing products according to the same values of good citizenship and environmental stewardship we all want to pass on to our children. That is why eeBoo has always been committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing; using 90% recycled board and vegetable inks, never using wood or paint, and carefully designing their entire product line to minimize plastic use and unnecessary packaging.

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