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Dominoes - Giant Shiny Dinosaur

In our house, we have a dedicated gaming area with all of our board games and traditional chess set, backgammon, and several different sets of dominoes. When our daughter was young, we taught her how to play dominoes using the basic black and white tiles. As she got older, we found fun-looking dominoes such as Dora the Explorer and My Little Pony. But as with most character toys, she grew out of them, thinking they were for "babies"! When I came across eeBoo's version of the Giant Shiny Dinosaur dominoes set, I had to get it, as she was on one of her dinosaur kicks and wanted everything dinosaurs.

The object of the Giant Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes games is not just to play dominoes but also to learn dinosaurs' names and how to pronounce them correctly. The game has twenty-eight (28) large, sturdy tiles with seven (7) different dinosaurs illustrated with foil embellishment that are color coordinated for easy identification.

Dinosaurs include:

  • Stegosaurus

  • Diplodocus

  • Ankylosaurs

  • Pteranodon

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • Velociraptor

  • Triceratops

What makes this game so much fun?

Tyrannosaurus Rex is not just the king of the dinosaurs; in this version of dominoes, it is a wild card! The game allows the players to read aloud and learn the names of the dinosaurs and how to pronounce them. Dominoes are a great learning resource and a manipulative for developing number sense and maths skills. They build upon dice patterns, help children read and name small collections of groups, addition, counting, matching, sorting, classifying, and so much more. A great skill-building game that can be played with two or four players.

Monika Forsberg illustrated the game for eeBoo, and it is made with a recycled board and printed on FSC-certified paper with vegetable-based inks. As the Oppenheim Gold Award winner, Giant Shiny Dinosaur dominoes is a must-have for any family that loves dinosaurs and is ready for a quick game of dominoes!


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