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Nature's Insight - September 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Nature's Insight bimonthly newsletter to our subscribers. As we celebrate our second anniversary, we strive to ensure that our customers receive the information they need to make informed decisions and plan accordingly.

Each bimonthly newsletter will have:

  • Play & Learn - blog series about puzzles, games, and books to inspire you and your family to play, learn and grow!

  • Hidden Gems - insight into our product brand partnership, book recommendations, activities, and printable worksheets.

  • Seeds of Savings - current and upcoming promotions and coupon codes

  • Great Expedition- annual contest with monthly activities and opportunities to win free merchandise

Play & Learn – Unlocking the World of Puzzles, Games, and Books

"Play and Learn: Unlocking the World of Puzzles, Games, and Books" is a blog series dedicated to exploring the fascinating realm of puzzles, games, and educational books. Join us on a journey of discovery as we delve into the captivating world of interactive learning and entertainment. For each issue, we will cover the following topics :

  • November 2023 – How to Choose the Perfect Puzzle for Your Skill Level

  • January 2024 – Ten Educational Books for Children That Make Learning Fun

  • March 2024 – The Benefits of Wooden Puzzles for Cognitive Development

  • May 2024 – Unique Games That Boost Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

  • July 2024 – DIY Puzzle and Game Storage Solutions for Organized Fun

  • September 2024 – Navigating the World of Educational Books: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

  • November 2024 – Choosing Age-Appropriate Puzzles and Games for Different Stages of Childhood

Hidden Gems

As part of Nature's Insight newsletter, we are providing customers with insight into the products we offer through a segment called "Hidden Gems." Every other month, subscribers will receive exclusive information about Nature's Materials' partnerships with different brands, including the reasons behind the brand collaborations and the spotlighting of specific products for that month. Additionally, subscribers will have access to resources and activities that are only available for free. For each issue, we will cover the following brands:

  • September 2023 – EduDoMo – Wooden Dinosaur Stencils

  • November 2023 – Clockwork Soldier – Dinosaur Map

  • January 2024 – Eurographics – 100 Piece Puzzles

  • March 2024 – Fairhope Graphics – Tree of Life Posters

  • May 2024 – Schleich - Dinosaurs

  • July 2024 – eeBoo – Big Puzzles

  • September 2024 – EduDoMo – Wooden Compass

  • November 2024 – Clockwork Soldier – World Map

Seeds of Savings:

We understand that planning and budgeting are the keys to a balanced lifestyle. To be mindful of our subscriber's needs, we want to inform you of our upcoming promotions and coupons to help you plan and budget. Each issue will have details for upcoming promotions and coupon codes.

Great Expedition – The Coming of the Universe and Earth

Join us on a grand adventure of cosmic proportions as we embark on our annual contest, "The Great Expedition." This year, our expedition is inspired by the first great lesson of the Montessori Cosmic Curriculum, "The Coming of the Universe and the Earth." This captivating story delves into the origins of time, space, and our planet, igniting curiosity about astronomy, geology, and chemistry. At the beginning of each month, we will post on our Great Expedition forum (subscribers-only access) a summary of the Montessori First Great Lesson and the opportunity to win free merchandise.

For each month we will cover the following topics and giveaways:

  • September 2023 – What is the Montessori First Great Lesson - Children of the Universe - Book

  • October 2023 – Topics Covered in the History of the Universe - The Deep Well of Time - Book

  • November 2023 – The Big Bang Theory - Hatching the Cosmic Egg - Book

  • December 2023 – Laws of the Universe Experiments - Large and Small Wooden Protractor

  • January 2024 – Creation Stories from Around the World - World Map Puzzle

  • February 2024 – Exploring the Four States of Matter -Wooden Temperature Puzzle

  • March 2024 – The Star Life Cycle - Solar System Puzzle

  • April 2024 – Stellar Nucleosynthesis - Stellar Nucleosynthesis Puzzle

  • May 2024 – Unraveling the Mystery of the Periodic Table - Periodic Table - Poster

  • June 2024 – Discovering Constellations - Constellation - Poster

  • July 2024 – Volcanoes - Volcano Puzzle

  • August 2024 – Phases of the Moon – Illuminating the Night - Moon Puzzle

We highly value your feedback and suggestions for improvement as we embark on this new venture. Subscribers can share their comments on the post or send an email to

Thank you for your continued support.

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