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Crayon Roll

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

When my daughter was three years old in Montessori school, I asked her teacher what I could do to encourage her to color more on paper, as she had taken to coloring the walls. Her teacher had suggested I provide crayons in one location next to paper and that when she would go to color on the walls, redirect her to where the crayon and paper were. Well, I explained I had a tub of crayons, and they ended up all over the floor. She had suggested limiting the number of crayons to no more than 10, the colors of the rainbow, as the children were learning about the primary and secondary colors. So that day, I went home, took the big tub, removed the primary and secondary colors, limited to 10 crayons, and placed them in a cup next to the paper. When she started to take a crayon to the wall, I redirected her to the cup of crayons and paper and told her that is where to color, not the wall. At first, she fought me, like she always does, but soon she started carrying the cup everywhere. Finally, I found a cute little bag she could store them in, but soon I found bugs, trinkets, and whatnots in the bag.

I wish I knew this crayon roll existed when she was little, this would have saved me so much trouble, and she would have loved it! When I first saw this, I knew I had to get it and share it with the world! I love the idea and the function of this product. When I received it, it was better than I could ever expect.

Designed, created, handmade by Sarah of So Handmade in the United States, the Crayon Roll is 13" long and 5" wide and appropriate for children older than 3.

Great for any child and a unique gift, click the link below to get yours today!

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