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"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

- Native American Proverb

Sustainability at Nature's Materials

We created Nature's Materials for one simple reason - to help the earth. We believe that an educated consumer can have a lasting impression in this world. Understanding how and why a product is made makes us aware of the world around us and encourages us to change our behaviors and habits.

We hope that learning more about our products, where they come from, how they are made and the purpose of the products, will have a lasting impression that will impact future purchases. 

Our Environmental Choices

  • Most of our products are eco-friendly

  • We purposely choose products with little to no plastic

  • Most products are 100% recyclable

  • We share the same sustainable values as our partners

  • Most products are made from sustainable resources

Our Partnership with Vendors

Learn more about our vendors sustainability and values 


Our Partnership with (Shipping Materials)

EcoEnclose is on a mission to make ecommerce a force for positive change, by offering the world's most eco-friendly packaging. Learn their story, framework, and what they mean when they say sustainable packaging. From there website :

Why do we care so much about U.S. made products? It’s a complex topic that we’ve given a lot of thought. We understand that overseas production can be less expensive; that raw materials often have to come from all over the world regardless of where a product is “made”; and that offshore manufacturing can create jobs in countries that do not have many other opportunities and resources. For us, it comes down to three main benefits that we care about and want to offer to you:

Sustainability: The first and most obvious reason for us – sustainability. We strive to bring you the most eco-friendly shipping products, but the products themselves aren’t enough. We also want to get you those products in as environmentally thoughtful a way as possible. American factories abide by fairly strict regulations to protect the environment, regulations that are not in place in most of the top manufacturing and importing countries worldwide. So the process of creating products there is often more polluting. Add to it the environmental cost of shipping products and this is a no brainer.

Jobs and the economy: All of us are anchors in the effort to improve our economy and spur jobs. By sourcing American made products, we (and in turn - you!) are expanding your impact on the economy. According to ABC World News, if every American spent an extra $3.33 on U.S. made products per year, it would generate nearly 10,000 new jobs in the nation. When workers spend their money on products made here, the dollars continue to be recycled, benefiting the local economy through the “economic multiplier effect.” These manufacturing workers are also paying taxes to the U.S. on their wages.

Integrity and workplace conditions: Many of the top importing countries have minimal standards in place for working conditions. By prioritizing U.S. manufacturing and sourcing from companies that have a strong commitment to labor standards, we are ensuring that the products you purchase from us are being made by workers who are treated and compensated fairly. 


Don’t let your commitment to the U.S. go unnoticed! 


According to a consumer reports study, eight in ten American consumers prefer products made in this country and over 60% would spend 10% more for these home grown goods. Let your customers know when specific products they are purchasing are American made (or even U.S. assembled in some way). The same Consumer Reports study mentioned above showed that consumers are frustrated at not being able to readily identify products that are made in the U.S.A. 

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