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Montessori - 17 Reasons why children love a Montessori Preschool

Children love a Montessori Preschool because:

  1. The children have the opportunity to be with children within two years of their own age

  2. The children have interesting things to do in a prepared environment

  3. The Montessori room is attractive, with many carefully designed materials and activities from which the children can choose

  4. The children are free to engage themselves in activities that interest them

  5. The children can work by themselves, or with a friend, or a group of friends

  6. The children can spend as much time as needed in any activity

  7. The children have opportunities to do things they see their parents do at home.

  8. They can prepare food such as grating carrots, peeling potatoes, cutting bananas, cracking nuts, or squeezing oranges

  9. They can do carpentry such as hammering, nailing or sawing

  10. They can learn to tie shoes, work a zipper, use snaps and buttons

  11. The children can listen to music, sing, dance and learn to play an instrument

  12. The children can paint, draw, work with clay, learn to sew, make masks or puppets

  13. The children can learn to count or make words

  14. The children have the opportunity to look at books about all the wondrous things in the world around them

  15. The children can look at a globe and look at pictures taken of different parts of the world

  16. The children can run, climb, play games, and have fun with their friends

  17. The children have the opportunity to engage with their guide/teacher when they are ready

Have you ever been to a Montessori Preschool? Share your story with us!

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Reference :Montessori World Educational Institute

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