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How is a Montessori Educational Program different from other programs?

A Montessori program is different from other educational programs as it teaches to individuals instead of to groups.

In many classrooms, lessons are presented to the whole class and sometimes to a small groups. In Montessori schools the general rule is reversed. Most of the time the teacher presents lessons to individuals. Other children can watch if they are interested. In this way, the teacher can address the specific needs of a child and can respond to the individual child's interest and level of understanding. The child does not have to sit through something that he or she is not ready for. This individual attention also helps the teacher be much more familiar with the child. Thus, the teacher understands the child more fully, and better provides for that child.

At Nature's Materials, we curate products that provide opportunities for both the individuals and groups to develop and learn.

Reference : Montessori World Educational Institute

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